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How to Get Your Emails Open AND Read

To get your emails read, they need to look as ‘personal’ as possible. So I recommend you do NOT send your emails in HTML format. Just use regular text format like one person would send to another. When HTML pops up on most folks email, they immediately delete it (like junk mail). Be personal and […]

How and When to Price Drop Your Rehab

Once you rehab and put a house on the market, you should have a plan for price dropping if it doesn’t sell. Its best to price drop on a Thursday so agents/buyers will see it Friday AM as they plan out what they are going to see over the weekend. Its also good to plan […]

Increasing Your Craigslist Ad Effectiveness

You can increase the effectiveness of your craigslist ads by making them seem more personal with your name and contact info in the ads so people know its not spam. Put in a phone number (disposable) and email address (disposable gmail address) to do this.

Do This Before Installing Sign in Yard

Before installing a yard sign in your front yard to sell your home, make sure you call to have your utility company mark the yard to ensure they don’t hit anything when installing the yard sign. (Also important if you are a real estate agent installing a yard sign in a client’s yard.) Fun Fact: […]

When Do You Stop Calling a Prospect

Are you ‘selling’ in the real estate field and wondering when or how often you should call your prospect? I call folks about once a week, more often if they are ‘motivated’ (i.e. behind on payments). And I keep calling them until they either die or it goes to settlement (not just go under contract). […]

Make Sure You Verify This When Wholesaling a Property

One way to keep yourself protected when wholesaling a property is to verify the buyer has actually deposited the earnest money check. In particular, this will protect yourself from wholesaling a property to another wholesaler who sometimes ‘forget’ to deposit the EMD and then you would have no recourse if they didn’t perform. Fun Fact: […]

What to Put in the Remarks Section When Listing a Renovated Home

When listing a rehabbed home, the notes section is probably the most important part of the listing (besides the price, home condition, and pictures). Because you are often limited on the amount of words you can use, make sure you put the most important stuff first. The key to writing it up is to write […]

Effectively Titling Your Emails

If you are wholesaling a property and marketing it through email, there are a few key items to place in your title to make them more effective: 1. Location – Some buyers are only interested in specific locations. Save them time by listing it in the title. 2. The price – Some buyers are only […]

How Investors Should Handle Price During Negotiations With An Owner

Investors often try to “sell a seller” based on price. They strictly try to figure out a way to justify their low price. I find this rarely works, although it is a factor in negotiations. I find I get better results finding the seller’s true motivations and remind them over and over that my offer […]

How to Increase Your Craigslist Response Rate

You can increase your craigslist response rate by being more ‘personal’ with a phone number in the ad. To avoid getting SPAM’d on your phone number, use a voicemail system to take the calls (NOT your cell)! Fun fact: This video was shot in downtown Kansas City, MO.