You’ve Landed on the Most Informative Real Estate Investing Blog Given By One Person on the Web


You’ve Landed on the Most Informative Real Estate
Investing Blog Given By One Person on the Web…

That’s my goal for this blog. To give you the most information on real estate
investing… for FREE! I’ll give you quick tips and tricks to get
your real estate investing business off the ground or to the next
level (depending on where you are!). Even the wisest man is continually
learning… and so should you (I know I do). So I want to pass on
my years of experience if you are kind enough to listen! But please
do me a couple of big favors:
1. Still give me your email address and other info on the top right.
Why? Because there will be stuff I do NOT post on this blog or my
site (mostly do to time constraints) that will benefit you tremendously.
You can ask the other folks on my list, I don’t pound you with worthless
info and sales crap like other folks. I send stuff like, “Hey,
I just found this cool new way to market to sellers.” I’ll probably
email you so infrequently and the info will be so worthwhile, you’d
wish I’d email you more often!
2. Please share my blog with others you think might find it useful. This
might be others in the real estate industry, like investors, agents,
mortgage brokers. Or it could be cool people looking to make money
or know about real estate investing like you!
3. Comment on my blog about other topics you want me to talk about or
questions you want me to answer. Sometimes I take for granted what
I know and do when I’m buying, renovating, and reselling homes. It
becomes “second nature” to me, so I forget to post about
it. Your comments will help me get past that!
That about does it for the ground rules. I don’t know much about “blogging”,
so if you can help me make the format better, I could use all the help I can get!
Learn to Wholesale Real Estate
Greg Norman
Real Estate Investor



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