Looking for some "hot deals" in the real estate market? I have been buying investment properties in the Washington DC area since 1997. When I get an excess inventory of homes or leads, I occasionally "wholesale" properties to other real estate investors and bargain hunters. I am NOT a real estate agent, so most of these properties can NOT be found in MLS, do NOT require third party approval, and can close quickly. These homes are truly "hidden gems" in the market.

Once they hit my website, they usually sell in a week. But if you join my email list, I'll notify you of new homes BEFORE I advertise to the public. This will give you a signficant advantage in purchasing one of my super cheap homes. You can "opt out" of the list at any time.

Below are some of examples of homes I've recently sold.

6931 Kenfig Dr., Falls Church, VA 22042

Sold for $253,000.
Investor who bought it renovated it and sold it in June 2012 in MLS for $528,000!!
That's a $275,000 spread!!
8108 Sinclair Mill Rd., Manassas, VA 20112

Comparable sales in neighborhood at $280,000.
Sold for $140,000. A $140,000 spread!
9619 Bonair Dr., Manassas, VA 20109

Comparable sales in neighborhood at $275,000:
Sold for $192,000. A $83,000 spread!

4805 Village Dr., Fairfax, VA 22030

Comparable sales in neighborhood at $450,000.
Sold for $307,000. A $143,000 spread!

Sign up now and see I'll email you the homes I currently have available.

I will also email you FREE real estate investing tips in between advertising homes. I will NOT "bombard" you with emails... just hoping to give you some value. Again, you can "opt out" at any time.

"I thought the emails I was receiving was spam because the deals seem too good to be true, but when I contacted him about a property he emailed about, it turned out to be real! A month later... we were at the settlement table!"
~-Deen Z. (Read Actual Scanned Recommendation Letter)

"I was skeptical when I first got the email b/c I get many other emails from investors and their deals are usually junk to be honest with you. But I ran the numbers on your place and they worked for me... I look forward from buying from you again."
~Walt F. (Read Actual Scanned Recommendation Letter)

"...because his properties are not listed in the MRIS and his name is not on title at the time of contract, agents are skeptical if this is for real. My transaction was very real and very clean from start to finish."
~Debbie L., Keller Williams Realty (Read Actual Scanned Recommendation Letter)

"Your company is definitely a good source of good real estate deals that I have not been able to find on MLS and it's definitely more profitable than the average deals since I am not competing with all sorts of investors/buyers."
~Sanjay B., Real Estate Investor (Read Actual Scanned Recommendation Letter)

"Greg seems to be a magician. He always sends us off-market deals that we can not find anywhere else, and he leaves plenty of profit in it for us."
~Ben Benita, Real Estate Investor

"Despite the listing not being in MLS, and any initial hesitations with no seller side agent, the deal was incredibly smooth... and my client got a wonderful deal. "
~Ty V., Keller Williams Capital Properties (Read Actual Scanned Recommendation Letter)

"I want to thank you for the business opportunity. I look forward to working with you again. "
~Dayse T., Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage (Read Actual Scanned Recommendation Letter)

"At first I was skeptical because he is not a real estate agent, the property had not been in MLS, just in an email and he was not the owner of the property at the time of contract... We signed the contract and went to closing smoothly just like I would expect. "
~Ally G., Long & Foster Real Estate (Read Actual Scanned Recommendation Letter)

"Everything was just as advertised and we couldn't be happier with our purchase! The only question that remains is, when can we buy another?"
~Ryan S., Real Estate Investor (Read Actual Scanned Recommendation Letter)

I look forward to providing you with the best real estate deal(s) you'll ever find!


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P.S. - By the way, feel free to check out the rest of my site for other real estate investing opportunities. I look forward to doing business with you in the future!

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